Game Informer Australia is soaring high!

Game Informer is a monthly US magazine for all video game enthusiasts. Its content includes news features, strategies and video game and other related consoles review. By December 2013, more than 7.6 million copies have been sold monthly, making Game Informer the third biggest magazine in terms of circulation.

The magazine was first launched by Funcoland as a six-page publication in August 1991. The owner and publisher is GameStop Corp., the same company selling video games and equipments. For this reason, in-store promotions make up most of its marketing. A magazine subscription comes with a free access to exclusive content on their official website.

From its debut in August 1991 until November 1994, it was just a bi-monthly publication. Annually, a phony issue titled the Game Infarcer was printed every April in keeping with the tradition of April Fool's. Their online webpage was unveiled in August 1996. It had daily news features and helpful articles for gaming fans. When the company was bought by GameStop from Funcoland, the site had been shut down temporarily to facilitate transfer of management. It was launched again in September of 2003 complete with an overhaul of the entire website and the addition of more features. The magazine underwent yet another redesign and was relaunched on October 1st, 2009, with a matching welcome note from its EIC Andy McNamara. Numerous features were further introduced, such as a new media player and a feed that highlighted site activity. They also do a yearly round up of the best 50 games, which is listed according to its release date. They are not ranked but exceptional games are commemorated by giving special awards such as Game of the Year. Additionally, they make smaller top 10 lists that's included in the regular magazine and the section for Top 50 Games in the website.

Australian company GamePro bought the rights to publish the magazine in Australia and began circulation November of 2009. As of June 2010, it became the first local games magazine to have more than 10,000 subscribers.