You can make money from used video games. Here's how.

There are times when prices for the latest video games are too steep. So you can afford the newest releases, a good idea would be to purchase used video games and sell them on a lower price. You can do this by using a trading service on the internet or a retailer. Commonly sold devices via a retailer include Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 consoles. On the other hand, previously owned Mac and PC games can be conveniently found on the web. Here is a detailed guide to help start your used video games buy-and-sell transactions.

Buying Games From Retailers

The first step is to search for a retailer within your vicinity that can handle this kind of deals. The most trusted traders include Best Buy, Gamestop and Play N Trade. When you have chosen a retailer, look for the section dedicated to the consoles you picked. There are usually sections for Playstation 2 and 3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and DS, GameCube and personal computers. Once you found the titles you like, some vendors will allow you to inspect and test it before purchase. Payments can be made through cash and credit and debit cards. If you want to shop online, just visit the site of your favored retailer and look for the used video game titles you want to purchase. After paying for your item, confirmation details and instructions on how to claim your item will be sent to you.

Selling Games To A Retailer

Take your games to a retailer and inform them of your intention. You could be asked to present an identification card since most companies need you to be 18 and above before they can conduct deals with you. An information form will also have to be filled out while the retailer inspects the condition of your commodity. The game's value depends on its rarity and popularity. Other factors considered include the number of copies produced, its physical quality and the system it is compatible with. If you want to trade in items online, search for the title you want and click on the Trade in link then manually enter its universal product code, which can be found at the case at the back. This confirms that your copy is legit. For retailers refusing to accept pre-paid shipping, you would need to manually mail it. Once the company receives the package, you will be credited with how much it's worth. If you prefer selling through markets on the internet, you have to create a profile first then upload a photo of your item after making a description for it. If you make an agreement with a buyer, you can send the item to his provided mailing address.

Online markets like eBay give you a lot of choices that will fit any budget. After creating a profile, you can just browse through the categories and search for the game you want to buy. Paying for your purchases can be done through PayPal or credit cards; some companies even accept money orders and cheques.