Play Play Ring Pass Not Ii Free Online

Ring Pass Not was released in 2007 to much public acclaim and became the go-to game of time wasters around the planet. This is one that you can play for hours on end and have no idea where the time went. This addictive puzzle game quickly caught on everywhere else but was ostracized for the lack of a save feature as players saw themselves fall back t level 1 after hard work.

Ring Pass Not 2 Arrives

That was when Sandhill got to work and released a second version with the much awaited save feature. In this edition, you are a wizards journeying across a mysterious land (Gandalf anyone?). The only way to prevent yourself from being eaten by dragons is to create rings (or Sauron?) of matching symbols and colors. The runes will be placed next o each other and those that match will help you get by.

What the Critics Say

The initial expectation was that the game would move the storyline further and serve as a sequel to the game. As it turns out, this edition is more of an upgrade that simply improves upon the features of the previous version without moving it forward.

The difficulty level of the game ultimately depends on you as you play Ring Pass Not 2. While you can always make a basic rune combination to move ahead, higher scores will only be allocated f you're more creative with your combinations.

In Conlusion

These issues set aside, this game in review also brings with it all that was good about the first edition and remains an immensely addictive game where you test your luck to see whether or not you can fare well in dangerous lands inhabited by fire breathers.