Online Gaming developers can get a better deal at Kongregate

Kongregate has for many years, been known as an online hosting website which is an entity by Gamestop Corporation. The site allows users to make uploads on Adobe Flash, HTML 5, Javascript, Java, shockwave or Unity 3D games. It is easy to leave a rating for any game that has been uploaded on the portal, as well as, find other rating left by other users. The portal features an Application's Programming Interface (API) that flash and unity developers can integrate into their games which make it possible for them to submit high scores and be rewarded for it with badges.

The badges and local scores submissions are made available on games where the developers choose to use the Kongregate API. Kong Plus is the premium membership for the site, but there's the free module.

When did the company start?

It all started on October 10 2006, by Emily and Jim Greer who are siblings. Between the establishment period and December 2006, they ran an alpha phase which entailed testing the platform. This is when some of the users tried the site's interface and functionality. As of July 2008, Kongregate had raised around $9 million from capital investment made by Reid Hoffman, Jeff Clavier, Greylock Partners and Jeff Bezos.

Kongregate advanced by getting into partnership with GameStop. This purchase will allow game developers under Kongregate to have their games sold to people who shop at GameStop. Game developers on Facebook have the chance to expand their audience.

Another announcement was made in 201 by Kongregate on a $10 million fund which was devoted to mobile gaming. This new division is led by former Zynga executive Pany Haritatos. Of late, Kongpanions were released for the site which acted as a trophy system and metagame which was in the form of small animals.